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Genetic testing company and CRO from Finland

Laboratory services and consumer products

Molecular biology study design

Design and execution of molecular biology studies for academic and business customers

Genotyping and gene expression

Professional execution of genotyping and gene expression projects with PCR, KASP, and TaqMan technologies

Genetic testing and test development

Comprehensive lab workflow including DNA extraction and genotyping as well as test design, products packs, sample collection systems, and custom reports

MyDNAPedia DNA tests

Consumer DNA testing brand with ready made kits for fitness, nutrition and wellbeing testing.

Paternity and family relationship

We are an official reseller of DNA Diagnostics Center products in Finland and their corporate partner for DNA testing.

About company

Woble Helsinki Oy was founded in 2011 to supply the need for personal genomic services in Finland and Europe. Today the lab operations of Woble Helsinki Oy are run by PhD scientists as well as lab personnel from the fields of genetics and molecular biology. In the lab, most of the work is done by automatic liquid handlers and quantitative PCR machines to guarantee efficient and accurate workflow, after which the results are released after a manual review by a PhD scientist. Woble Helsinki Oy is more than a genotyping factory with personalized service for all molecular biology and genetics projects. Compliance to ISO 9001 certificate demonstrates the quality of work. Woble Helsinki Oy has a vision to be a leading global company in consumer DNA testing with top class laboratory and personnel.

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Woble Helsinki Oy is part of Healthtech Finland and Digirehab Consortium in Finland.
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Digirehab Consortium
Healthtech Finland

Partners and references

"DNA Diagnostics Center recognizes Woble Helsinki Oy as our Corporate Partner for DNA Testing in Accordance with the Terms of Agreement."

DNA Diagnostics Center

"We are very happy with our cooperation with Woble Helsinki. We especially appreciate the flexibility they have with their operations, processing, and delivering the results."

Medigoo Oy Inc.

Feedback given by customers through Science Exchange:

"Great professionalism!"

"I'd like to thank Woble and Dr. Matilainen for their professional genotyping service, as well as for their positive and helpful attitude, and an attractive pricing."

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Woble Helsinki Oy
Metsäpirtintie 1
02130 Espoo
Finland, Europe

info (a) woblehelsinki.com

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